Zack Snyder Fans Angry with Creativity of New Watchmen Show

Warning: This article contains spoilers for HBO’s Watchmen. Then again, what idiot would want to watch a non-Zack Snyder approved Watchmen?

Watchmen – the TV series from HBO based on Dave Gibbon’s and [name redacted due to contractual clause] seminal graphic novel – just finished its first season. Critics love Damon Lindelof’s spin on the iconic story and audiences have made it a hit ratings-wise. However, those critics and audiences aren’t true fans and the true fans have much to say about Lindelof’s “creative choices” and are voicing their concerns online.

“How DARE he stray from the essential source material of Watchmen,” Reddit user Gahooligan2010 exclaims on r/SnyderIsGod. “Zack Snyder’s vision should never be compromised. Our lord and Snyder didn’t craft this whole cloth from his genius mind just so people can trash it like this. And his vision didn’t try to stuff politics down our throat like some pretentious British funny book writers!”

“The conceits this new Watchmen are built on seem absurd,” chastises the official Watchmen Is The Only Comic Facebook fan page. “For example, how could Rorschach possibly be the inspiration for a white supremacist group? He just wears a white hood, lacks any consistent moral grounding, and thinks of the people around him in low income areas as filthy scum of the world. What about that sounds fascist?” From there, the 4,000 word post becomes a screed about the show daring to cast a black actor as Doctor Manhattan.

“It’s clear that Lindelof and his cronies at HBO are trying to frame Watchmen out of context for what it’s really about,” Twitter user @IzWatchWatchmen explained in a thread. “This abomination of a show is trying to put liberal propaganda into a story about pro-conservative values. I mean, Richard Nixon is still president, The Comedian is the best hero ever and everyone in the comic who matters is pretty damn happy. What’s bad about any of this?”

“Really? Not one sex scene set to a song from the Shrek soundtrack? SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME that the Watchmen show ain’t worth it and they’re right,” as stated by @SwampySndyerShill on an Instagram post with a picture of Shrek as both Silk Spectre and Nite Owl in bed together. The post received 5 million likes before being taken down by Instagram, at which point violent protests at the company’s head quarters forced the social media network to reinstate the graphic photoshop. 

So is Watchmen worth all the hype? Or does it pale in comparison to the beloved Zack Snyder masterpiece? Why are we bothering asking these questions when we all know the correct scenario is the second one? Comment below anyway!

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