Youtuber With 100+ Captain Marvel Videos Tearfully Admits to Not Being Marvel Shill

Controversial Youtuber Sins in Cinema has torn the world of MCU discourse in twain. Earlier today he released a 20-minute long video titled “My Confession” where he told his 200k subscribers that he had no connections to Kevin Feige or any other Disney entity. He recorded footage of himself scrolling meticulously through his list of Patreon donators explaining how they never recognized his love for the craft.

Garrett Campbell, the man behind the channel, surged in popularity when his infamous two hour breakdown of the original Captain Marvel trailer peaked the top of /r/videos on Reddit. His original, no-holds-barred approach to analysis made him stand out amongst contemporaries softball approach to clickbait. “I Saw Captain Marvel So You Don’t Have To” and “Why Won’t Brie Larson Debate Me” remain his two most popular videos to date at press time.

Situated in front his video game collection and Watchmen Comic Wallpaper, the vlogger spoke at length about his concerns for the directions of the MCU through gritted teeth and puffy red eyes:

…I broke down Captain Marvel frame by frame because I care. I am fully aware that Disney will likely be producing movies from now until the end of time. However, there has always been a shadowy, evil presence lodged in the movie ranging from the directors chosen to the aggressive marketing. The time I have spent logically deducing the hidden truths in Captain Marvel will surely one day bankrupt Disney. 

…They’ve never confirmed my worries but they have never denied them either! Though because they can’t show any unobjective bias, this is why I am 1000% sure they have not supported my crusade.

Although the motives seem pure; social media tells a different story. The Sins in Cinema Twitter account has pushed a movement called #FinanceTheFanBoy leading to several recurring posts on the pages of many popular actresses for the past hour.

It is unknown if Feige will ever acknowledge Mr. Campbell. Does Sins in Cinema’s critique make him a true superhero fan? It’s hard to call, as he’s only talked about the one.

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