We Thought These Were New Stills from The Joker, But it Turns Out They’re Just Pictures of Regular Clowns

With Todd Phillips’ hotly-anticipated Joker film nearing its October 4th release date, fans have been clamoring for another look at Joaquin Phoenix’s thrilling new take on the iconic character. Despite our best efforts, the images below are not, in fact, brand-new stills of the Joker, but actually just pictures of regular clowns. Oops.

clown 1

At first glance, you might look at this picture and think, “yes, this is the Joker,” but upon closer inspection, our team has discovered that it is just a picture of a standard clown one might see at a child’s birthday party. We’re sorry about that.

clown 2

In retrospect, we should’ve realized this clown with glasses is not, in fact, the legendary DC Comics character known as the Joker, but our editors just didn’t catch it at the time before this post went live. We’re usually much better at this, honestly.

clown 3

In our defense, clowns do wear a lot of make-up on their faces, thus making very hard to recognize Academy Award-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix from a crowd of other, not-as-famous clowns. Seriously, you try it. I’m sure you’ll find it’s harder than you think.

clown 4

Okay, now this is just embarrassing. The picture you see above is not a still from the DC Comics film Joker, but clearly a photo of McDonald’s mascot, Ronald McDonald. We don’t know how we got two of the most famous clowns in pop-culture mixed up, but we did it anyway. There’s absolutely no excuse for our gross incompetence here and we’re sorry.

clown 8

Despite everything, I’m sure we can agree on one thing: this clown fucking sucks. We all feel very strongly about this clown and hope we never have to see him and his wretched face ever again. At least we can breathe a sigh of relief and be thankful this is not the star of the all-new Joker movie heading to theaters this October.

clown 6

Not the Joker.

clown 7

Not the Joker. Sorry.

clown 9

This isn’t the Joker either. Shit. We can’t believe this.

clown 11

Ugh, this isn’t even close. We’re so sorry, Joker fans.

clown 14

Not the Joker.


No idea who this is. Yikes.

clown 13

Todd Phillips’ Joker hits theaters October 4th. Sorry about all this.

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