We Found Todd Philips’ Secret List of Possible Joker Sequel Titles

There are three certainties in the universe: death, taxes, and Joker made one billion dollars. Many have praised Joker for being a stand-alone feature despite the film’s clear inclusion of franchise potential. This has created quite a power vacuum both for Warner Bros. and Todd Phillips, leading many to ask if a sequel will be put into the works.

Todd Phillips has claimed that he and Joaquin have no plans for a sequel in works; nor will he dethrone Snyder as the new architect of the DC Cinematic Universe. On the other hand, Joker made one billion dollars. We here at True Superhero Fans Only! cannot dismiss the chance for a Joker sequel to be made. Or better yet, a villain origin story that backdoors into a Joker sequel. 

After some investigating at Warner Bros. Studios, we’ve found a list of possible sequel titles for this highly anticipated film.

  • Joker 2: Society Bad
  • Joker 2: Who’s Laughing Now?
  • Joker 2: All Joking Aside
  • Joker 2: The Joke’s On You!
  • Joker 2: The Joking Kill
  • Joker 2: Jokerman
  • Joker 2: Mass Hysteria
  • Joker 2: Comedy of Errors
  • Joker 2: No Laughing Matter
  • Joker 2: No More Clowning Around
  • Joker 2: Now They’ll Listen To Me
  • Joker 2: Joker’s Got A Gun
  • Joker 2: You Won’t Get It
  • Joker 2: The Dark World
  • Joker 2: Triggered: My Stand Up Special
  • Joker 2: No Respect, I Tell Ya!
  • Joker 2: Incel Freedom
  • Joker 2: Laugh ‘Til It Hurts
  • Joker 2: Calling Card
  • Joker 2: Batman Funny Moments Compilation #4
  • Joker 2: When You Lose Control and You Got No Soul
  • Joker 2: Gary’s Revenge
  • Joker 2: Joker Does Dallas
  • Joker 2: My Struggle
  • Joker 2: Batman’s Beginning
  • Joker 2: Shake That Laugh-y Taffy
  • Joker 2: Clown Shoes, Frequently Worn
  • Joker 2: You Get What You F***ing Deserve
  • Joker 2: 🤡
  • Joker 2: Hangover 4

Many lives were lost to obtain this scoop. #RememberTheFallen

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