We Can’t Show You What Nathan Fillion Would Look Like as Green Lantern Because Our Photoshop License Expired

God, this is so embarrassing. I’m so sorry. It was my job to renew the Photoshop license and I forgot to. The editor is going to be furious. God. I need this gig. Nobody will hire me after “the incident” a couple years ago where I spilled a tub of molten nacho cheese on Jennifer Lawrence at the premiere of X-Men: Apocalypse.

A photo of Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern (if you imagine it hard enough).

Please pretend that this is a photo of Nathan Fillion wearing a little domino mask and holding up his fist with a big green ring on it. Okay look, I’ll give you two dollars if you just pretend that this post contains a photo of Nathan Fillion photoshopped to look like Green Lantern. Whichever one you want! Literally any of the Green Lanterns. Pretend the background is some stars and his fist is glowing. Please for the love of all that is good please, please imagine it.

This isn’t going to work. The editor is going to find out that we can’t photoshop anything anymore and they’re going to fire me again.

God. God no. If you’re reading this, please forgive me.


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