Warner Brothers to Release Harley Quinn’s “Hyena PI$$” Canned Champagne

Never underestimate merchandising. With the upcoming release of Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), Warner Bros and DC Comics hope to expand their intellectual properties into the lucrative gas station market. Just like the Birds of Prey franchise, Harley Quinn hopes to spearhead this new project with her “Hyena PI$$” Canned Champagne.

Actress Margot Robbie has put 100% personal stock into the company, combining her love for animals and fizzy drinks. She even credits the brand to an exploration of the character. “In order for Harley Quinn to truly break free of Mr. J, she’s gotta go straight and that includes being a legitimate business woman! She’s just adding her personal flavor to it!”

Warner Brothers has released a fact sheet of what consumers can expect from Hyena PI$$ along with a surgeon general warning of “surprise explosions” courtesy of Harley Quinn.

Concept Art for Harley Quinn’s HYENA PI$$ canned champagne.

Tasting Notes
This wacky Chard is totally lit! Butterscotch erupts from the nose to give you a boozy wallop to the face. There are hints of rotten pineapples, smashed peaches on the road, and used lawn trimmings for an unforgettable experience

Technical Data

Alcohol: 13.37%

AVA: Finger Lakes

Blend: Bud and Lou

Color: Cloudy Yellow

Food Pairings
Perfect with whip cream pies, greasy slices of pizza, twizzlers, and MDMA-laced sweet-tarts.

Could this be the Faygo for a new generation? If successful, the DCEU could appear on cans of White Claw across the country!

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