UPDATE: Joaquin Phoenix Still Has Not Mailed Used Condoms To His Joker Co-Stars, Is He Even Taking This Seriously?

Joaquin Phoenix’s upcoming Joker movie is set to release later this year and he doesn’t seem to be taking the necessary measures to fully get into character.

As we all know, master of his craft and universally considered “Best Joker,” Jared Leto pulled out all the stops to prepare for his role in Suicide Squad. Just like the Clown-Prince we all love from the comics, Jared Leto mailed used condoms to his co-stars to fully immerse himself in the headspace of Joker. The results speak for themselves.

This brings us to Joaquin… what a shame. His movie comes out in about two months and still no used condoms? I swear it’s like he doesn’t even care about the movie he’s in. We are all VERY disappointed in Joaquin, and frankly, Todd Phillips should consider reshooting the whole thing with Leto in the leading role.

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