TSFO EXCLUSIVE Interview With Kevin Feige on Future of MCU

The sweat kept pouring down my brow, tiny droplets about the size of Scott Lang in the smallest form of Ant-Man. I was sitting on a fine oakwood table at an outdoor restaurant near the Walt Disney Studios lot. As I sat there, I was staring into the middle distance, pensive at the idea of what I was about to do.

Specifically, I was about to interview Kevin Feige. Arguably the biggest producer in modern Hollywood. Architect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thus, producing the most successful film franchise of all time. A true titan of the industry meeting a flea like me. All of my self doubt and insecurity was coming to the surface.

My reflections stopped dead in their tracks as I looked at the front entrance. There he was. Kevin Feige. Feige in the flesh. Feigielicious himself. He walked in from the front entrance with his winning smile and bright disposition that made him so endearing. He was wearing his usual attire. A light grey suit jacket hiding a black collared shirt underneath. Above his head the trademark; the baseball cap. This one emblemed with a Marvel logo. So creative. So brave.

As he came to my table, my anxiety suddenly faded. I saw that this God was merely a man. A kind relatable man who just came to answer questions over lunch. We were mortal men, both in love with the roguish fights of super-powered beings with relatable human struggles. The two of us aren’t far off from Spider-Man and Iron Man having a shawarma. Thor and Scott Lang having tacos. Heimdall and Agent Coulson eating matzo soup.

He walked by. I rose to shake his hand. Then, we both sat down. Here it is. The big moment of truth.

The Interview

Me: “Hi Kevin!”
Kevin: “Hello!”
Me: “What you’ve done with the MCU seems like a lot of hard work. Congrats to you on the success!”
Kevin: “Thanks, I appreciate that.”
Me: “What can you tell us about Phase 4?”
Kevin: “There’s gonna be a lot of great characters and cool new turns along the way.”
Me: “Anything else?”
Kevin: “Nope!”

Our lunch came. We both ate burgers in silence from there on in.

Truly the greatest experience of my life.

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