Top 10 Things True Star Wars Fans Want From a New Holiday Special

Jon Favreau made a statement earlier this week that has echoed throughout all corners of the galaxy. On Entertainment Tonight, he declared an interest to make a new Star Wars Holiday Special asking fans to beg Disney+ to help make him one.

Favreau has done so much for Disney as an architect for the MCU, creating live action remakes and acting as the show runner on The Mandalorian. We here at True Superhero Fans Only believe these steps have been put long into motion so Disney can give him carte blanche to make his life long dream a reality. Though what can he do to satisfy the passionate fanbase? Well, we have 10 good suggestions that he should follow!

1. Use CGI to Recreate Bea Arthur

No one can argue that the best live-action section of the original Star Wars Holiday Special was Bea Arthur’s somber song about her closing tavern. If we could bring back Peter Cushing for Rogue One then we should be able to give tribute to one of the best comedic performers in history. She has thousands of hours of spoken dialogue to clip together!

2. Porgs Roasting on an Open Fire

Food is one of the cornerstones of any holiday event, yet isn’t really part of any Star Wars movie. Instead of bringing bottles of blue milk to your fellow Star Wars fans, why not include a roasted porg recipe in the Holiday Special? Whether Star Wars fans love or hate porgs, one thing we can all agree on is that they look tasty!

3. Cookware Branded by Chef Gormaanda

Can Jon Favreau stir, whip, whip, whip, stir his way into our hearts? Of course he can, he’s a CHEF after all! He just needs to pay tribute to one of the many food icons of the Star Wars Universe by bringing back Chef Gormaanda. We gotta stick it to those fiends at Buzzfeed’s Tasty and the Rachael Ray’s of the world. Just picture it now, oven mitts in a set of four!

4. Get Fred Armisen to Reprise All of Harvey Korman’s Roles

Speaking of Harvey Korman, the man played three different roles in the Star Wars Holiday Special. Should any of these characters come back or if anyone is needed to play all the new characters; I suggest impressionist Fred Armisen. From playing so many roles in Portlandia, Documentary Now, and Saturday Night Live, he’s pretty much a shapeshifter in his own right.

Fred Armisen is a real life alien; you can’t convince me otherwise.

5. A Brand New Iconic Character Introduced in an Animated Segment

The greatest legacy of the Star Wars Holiday Special is introducing Boba Fett to the canon. There’s not a more original idea than a bounty hunter in the Star Wars Universe, so we expect someone who will not only wow fans, but also get tons of future merchandising and possible prequel shows.

6. Exaggerated Drawings of New Trilogy Characters

Now if Jon Favreau does another cartoon special, he cannot, ABSOLUTELY can not draw the actors without caricaturist proportions. I want to see my Poe Dameron with honking caterpillar eyebrows! Maybe Rey with a triangle shaped chin!

7. The Origins of Rey’s Parents

We didn’t get an answer in The Last Jedi. The Rise of Skywalker won’t likely have any answers either! So what better place to answer the most important question in Star Wars in a Disney + Holiday Exclusive? Disney makes another billion dollars and Star Wars fans get an answer whether they want it or not!

8. A Villain Song Performed by Supreme Leader Snoke

Along with bringing in new characters, let’s fix old ones as well! Snoke never got a chance to show his true singing talent during The Force Awakens or The Last Jedi. And as we know, the music of Star Wars has always left an incredible legacy on its fans. So let’s get Andy Serkis back in a mo-cap suit no matter how many drugs he’ll ask for.

9. BB-8 to be Painted as Christmas Ornament

Fans get to see BB-8 with a new coat of paint and I get to buy more new BB-8 ornaments for my tree to include the ones I already own! It’s perfect advertising!

And most importantly of all…


The main characters of the original Star Wars Holiday Special deserve retribution! Chewie has ignored his family for a good thirty years just to smuggle more products with Han. And yes, there may be a book out there to explain what Chewie did in-between the trilogies, but clearly, all Star Wars media put in front of a camera has more value right? Otherwise Luke and Leia would be incestuous!

The Force Awakens opened up so many more questions. Is Itchy still alive? Did Lumpy only learn about his dad’s adventures through cartoons? Did Malia ever get more music boxes that play Jefferson Starship? We need answers, Favreau!

The possibilities are endless with a new Star Wars Holiday Special. The original broke new ground in so many ways that made the universe so much more rich and lively. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Ramadan, or Wookie Life Day; the best thing we can wish for is that Jon Favreau makes Star Wars even better! So he better be taking notes!

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