The New Mutants Likely To Miss Its April 13, 2018 Release Date

The writing seems to be on the wall for Fox’s X-Men spin-off, The New Mutants. The New Mutants is the latest film in Fox’s X-Men Universe, but whether or not its going to make it’s April 13, 2018 deadline is unclear. Here’s three clues which might indicate The New Mutants will get pushed.

  1. The Disney Buyout: Fox was recently acquired by Disney along with all of Fox’s Marvel properties. This includes X-Men and by extension, The New Mutants. It’s possible that in all the chaos of moving over to a new company, The New Mutants just won’t be ready on time.
  2. The Reshoots: Reshoots have been scheduled for The New Mutants and have yet to be shot. Reshoots take time, and an April 13, 2018 turnaround might be too much to ask for the cast and crew of this film.
  3. It Wasn’t Released On April 13, 2018: Perhaps the most telling clue that The New Mutants won’t meet its April 13, 2018 deadline is that April 13, 2018 happened over a year ago and according to our research, The New Mutants was not released on this date.

While it certainly is possible that The New Mutants release schedule will go untouched, these three clues seem to indicate that The New Mutants will have to be pushed back.

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