Star Wars Is Dead: Brie Larson Rumored for Feige’s Star Wars

Just two days ago, Disney and Kevin Feige announced they would be teaming up to develop another Star Wars story. While the reception to this news has been mixed, with many nervous what this could mean for Feige’s long-time involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Feige said that he intends to bring a star from the MCU into the Star Wars Universe. Rumor is, that star could be the worst new addition to the Avengers and generally abhorred, Brie Larson.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you may not know why Brie Larson is hated amongst us True Superhero Fans. Really, it boils down to her over-powered, SJW Captain Marvel, which made our favorite strong-boy superheroes look weak. The character is obviously just a feminist’s wet-dream and Larson can’t even act! She doesn’t smile enough in Captain Marvel and that makes us uncomfortable with our masculinity. We want to feel empowered as men when we see Captain America beat up bad guys, but Carol Danvers with Brie Larson’s smug face just doesn’t make us feel the same way.

Now Feige, the man we trusted with the entire MCU, wants to make her a Jedi! Could they kill Star Wars any more? We think not! True Superhero Fans Only PROMISES we will NEVER report on Star Wars again if Brie Larson is cast in Feige’s Star Wars!

That said, True Superhero Fans Only promises to update our dedicated readers as this develops, even if it causes us physical pain to type out the name Brie…Larson.

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