Sony Will Only Allow Spider-Man Back Into the MCU if Venom and His Pal Gary Come Too

Rumor has it that Sony has made an offer to Marvel that would allow Spider-Man back into the MCU. Sources say that Sony is ok with Disney’s proposal for profit-sharing as long as Venom is allowed in with his friend, Gary.

This is unexpected but amazing news. Not only would this give Spidey a villain that is his equal but we’ll also get to enjoy Venom’s funny banter with his best bud, good old Gary. I personally can’t wait to see Eddie Brock vent his frustrations about sharing his body with an alien symbiote while having some Chinese food with Gary just like they did in The Spectacular Spider-Man issue #217.

“Since 1988, Venom and Gary have been an integral part of the Spider-Man universe and this opens up the door to countless possibilities and franchises”, producer Avi Arad said while looking at Gary concept art.

There’s no news on who might play Gary but word has it they’re looking to cast an unknown, someone who looks good in a nice fleece. Director Andy Serkis hasn’t ruled out playing Gary himself via motion capture.

What say you? Excited about watching Tom Hardy’s Venom battle Tom Holland’s Spider-Man while Gary cracks wise with his trademark zingers? Could we get spin-offs? A GCU?

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