Sony, Following Universal’s Lead, Has Already Downloaded Bloodshot to Your Phone. And No, You Can’t Delete It.

The unprecedented ramifications of the COVID-19 has led every major theater chain in the U.S and abroad to close their doors, leaving upcoming movies to face an uncertain future.

As a result, in a move that surprised many in the industry, Universal announced that The Invisible Man, Emma, The Hunt, and Trolls: World Tour will be released on VOD this Friday to help entertain all of us who are practicing social distancing. Warner Brothers will follow suit with Birds of Prey next week as well. But not to be outdone, Sony has announced that the latest Vin Diesel blockbuster, Bloodshot, has already been downloaded to your mobile device and your credit card has been charged $19.99.

“We’re very proud of this movie. Our hearts were broken when we found out it might not reach the audience it deserves. This solution makes sure everyone gets to watch their favorite movie star in the comfort of their own home, whether they like it or not,” said a Sony spokesperson.

From the Sony press release:

Bloodshot, based on a comic that debuted in 1992 and was loved by our older brother’s friend who was really into knives and got shot and paralyzed in a failed convenience store robbery, revolves around a soldier, who is played by The Pacifier‘s Vin Diesel, that is killed but then resurrected with superpowers. With these powers, he has to defeat a nefarious villain played by that guy from Outlander, the show that thousands of librarians masturbate to. It’s the first film from renowned video game cut scene director Dave Wilson, a household name whose feature film debut has been eagerly anticipated by tens of fans. And now those fans can watch Bloodshot in their Bloodshot pjs and drinking their limited edition Bloodshot Mountain Dew Diesel Berry soft drink.

As for everyone else, there are no refunds and the download is permanent so you might as well watch it. What else are you going to do?

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