Ruffalo: Feige, 2012: “We need a female-led superhero movie, and we need it exactly seven years from now!”

Classic do-gooder and all-around good guy Mark Ruffalo has been making the interview rounds to promote his achievements in do-goodery and he has lots of good things to say about his buddy and boss Kevin Feige. 

According to Saint Mark Ruffalo, Feige has played a major role in bringing much-needed diversity to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as far back as 2012, if you can believe it. 

Real heroes.

Ruffalo told reporters that Feige put his job on the line back in 2012 when The Avengers was released in order to push for more diversity and a female-led superhero film. According to The Hulk, this is what Feige said: 

“So’s you knows what I did Marky? I walksed into that bastid Ike Perlmuddas office and I says, do you know what I says? I says, Ike! We need a female-led superhero movie, and we need it exactly seven years from now!”

When asked why Feige insisted on waiting seven years Ruffalo shuffled his feet and looked at the ground, offering short and unsure responses like “Well, it’s complicated” and “You don’t realize how meticulously Kevin plans all of this out” and then quickly turned the subject to other diverse representation in the MCU. 

Blue people, green people, and raccoon people count as diversity.

He mentioned Black Panther only briefly: “Yeah, that was a slam dunk but honestly Kevin didn’t have anything to do with that, he just took the alley-oop. One day, right after Creed came out Ryan Coogler was just in the office with like 80% of the film shot and ready to go. Yeah. Apparently he was sick of waiting.” 

He closed the interview out by talking about the importance of queer representation, especially in mainstream films. While doing so he praised the decision making of Kevin Feige and The Russo Bros. which struck the interviewer as odd, so our reporter asked him why: 

Mark Ruffalo: What do you mean why?! They’re TRAILBLAZERS, they made the decision to put the first queer characters in a mainstream superhero movie.

Interviewer: …queer characters? I don’t remember any gay superheroes? 

Ruffalo: Are you kidding? Kevin put his career on the line for that moment and it totally happens on screen, for like, a few seconds. 

There are no photos of the moment Ruffalo is referring to, so here is a Pride flag.

Green veins then started to bulge from his neck and he started ranting and raving about his anger issues, so we cut the interview short, but Ruffalo filled in some massive pieces to the Hollywood diversity puzzle here. What would we do without real-life heroes like Kevin Feige fighting for more diversity in film?

To date, Marvel Studios has made one movie led by a non-white person and one film starring a woman.

See Kevin Feige continue his trailblazing as the second female-led Marvel movie hits theaters May 1, 2020. 

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