Parents Horrified to Find ‘Doctor Sleep’ is Not an MCU Film

A Maine theater packed with children and their parents were shocked to find Doctor Sleep, the Mike Flanagan-directed sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining was not a Marvel film.

What began as a charity event erupted into a nightmare as hundreds of audience members, many of them children, flocked to the lobby after viewing the first several minutes of the Stephen King adaptation.

“Anything with a ‘Doctor’ or ‘Captain’ in front of it, we figure it’s a superhero movie,” one mom explained, “but the first red flag should have been the red-band trailer for Terminator: Dark Rise of Genisys.”

The misunderstanding was found to have begun when invitations to a charity screening for Adult Victims of Childhood Trauma Maine were sent to Victims of Childhood Trauma Maine by mistake.

Local charity Shivers for Survivors regrets the error.

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