New Streaming Service ‘Snyder +’ to Launch Early 2020

Among the mountain of new streaming services announced this week was one that may have passed you by unnoticed. Buried by the media is the HUGE news that streaming is getting into the Snyder Cut business with Red Granite’s ‘Snyder +’ a streaming service that will feature exclusive content re-cut by Snyder himself.

While we wait for WB to end their fascist practices and release the true cut of Justice League, Snyder + will keep the die hard fans satisfied with dozens of classic superhero movies that have been re-cut by Snyder. According to reports, the project is being funded by 1MDB through Red Granite pictures. The service will launch at $4.20 a month or a yearly plan for $69.00 and they are going to keep re-cutting movies to keep the content fresh.

Snyder + is set to launch with Tim Burton’s Batman movies, the Tim Story Fantastic Four movies, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Catwoman, Daredevil, and much, much more. This service is going to be a must have for any and all superhero nerds. Keep an eye out in the future as well as Red Granite has teased Snyder re-cuts of more than just superhero movies. Properties like Dumb and Dumber To and The Wolf of Wall Street are primed for the Snyder treatment. I think I speak for all Snyder heads when I say that this news is hella exciting.

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