Mjölnir Boycotts “Thor: Love and Thunder” Over Creative Differences

Enchanted hammer Mjölnir unleashed shocking news to the cast and crew of the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. Mjölnir, who has always done its own stunts, messaged the following in Morse code after being lifted by the film’s property master:

"I have spoken to my agent and as of this moment refuse to be part of this production.  I do not trust Natalie Portman returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe taking the mantle from Chris Hemsworth. Jane Foster did nothing! She's not worthy! You failed me, Taika! I'd rather have Darcy!"

It is unknown what Natalie Portman’s issue is with Mjölnir other than disagreements that took place during the shooting of Thor and Thor: The Dark World. However, rumblings found during those shoots did point out Mjölnir’s diva sensibilities and desire to ad-lib. We cannot confirm for certain if Jane Foster will be given powers via Mjölnir, so the boycott may not interfere with the film’s production schedule.

Stormbreaker was not available for comment.

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