Kevin Feige Unveils Slate of Baseball Caps For Next 10 Public Appearances

Kevin Feige unveils upcoming slate of baseballs caps.

If there’s two things Kevin Feige loves, it’s announcing slates and baseball caps. Therefore, the Marvel Cinematic Universe guru recently unveiled yet another slate that’s close to his heart. In front of several journalists, Feige revealed his schedule of planned baseball caps for his upcoming slate of public appearances. Thus, said crowd roared with thunderous applause.

“These caps aren’t just caps,” clarified Kevin Feige. “They’re the culmination of a decade of hard work. Our MCU team has put diligent care into choosing which hat will be worn upon my scalp for each event. Really, these caps are the lynchpin of our cinematic achievements.” The slate – which Feige dubbed “The Infini-Cap Saga” – was listed as follows:

The Infini-Cap Saga

  1. Solemn Plain Black Cap – Press coverage of the home video release of Spider-Man Far From Home
  2. I’m With Stupid Cap – Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop-themed birthday party
  3. Dark Blue Hat With Matching Aviator Glasses – For Halloween costume as “Incognito MCU Character”
  4. Mickey Mouse Ears Cap With Donald Duck Bill – Disney+ premiere party
  5. You Me & Dupree Promotional Cap 21 Bridges premiere to honor Avengers directors Joe & Anthony Russo
  6. Original Trilogy Era Star Wars Cap – Standing next to Kathleen Kennedy during the Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker premiere
  7. Prequel Trilogy Era Star Wars Jar Jar Cap -The premiere party of the Rise of the Resistance Ride at Galaxy’s Edged theme park
  8. Santa Baseball Cap – Playing Santa Feige at Robert Downey Jr’s Christmas party
  9. Goat Blood Absorbing Cloaked Cap – Disney’s Year End Illuminati party held at Club 33
  10. Sparkler-Adorned 2020 Cap – New Year’s 2020 event

Which ironic Feige cap are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comment box below!

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