Joker Will Be Best and Worst Movie Ever Says Many Twitter Accounts With Same Profile Pic

The final trailer for the upcoming Joker film has dropped and it’s all the buzz of the internet. The Joaquin Phoenix vehicle featuring the Oscar nominated actor as the Clown Prince of Crime doesn’t come out until October. Yet, several fans of the character are already making grand declarations on Twitter about its quality. Below are several quotes from users, all of whom have the same profile photo of the late Heath Ledger’s depiction of the Batman villain from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

Positive Reactions

tis movies at its findest. can’t wait to see how twisted Walkin Fenix be.


We are here to witness cinema changed forever. Glad to see the stylistic tributes to Scorsese. You can see how his work from The Godfather, Scarface and Shark Tale really influenced director Todd Phillips.


Joaquin Phoenix is going to win the Oscar for this. He’s captured the concept of a lonely underappreciated genius that the world looks down on getting his revenge. He’s so relatable.


Negative Reactions

I can’t believe they’re stomping all over Jared Leto’s masterful work. We were so close to confirming if he had a tramp stamp that said “Honka Honka Town.” #LetGoMyLeto


He isn’t gonna be the Red Hood therefore this movie isn’t cannon. It’s like they want to break the status quo and shake things up beyond all recognition. This isn’t in the spirit of Joker at all!


Sign my petition to Deep Fake this entire movie so the one true joker is depicted in this movie. That’s right, Warner Boners. I’m giving everyone the Cesar Romero solo movie they always wanted! We’re coming for the Snyder Cut next!


Those are some strong words from some beautiful fans. What are your thoughts from the trailer? Comment below, but make sure to have a Heath Ledger Joker profile picture!

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