Joker Fails to Incite Mass Hysteria

After weeks of hype and public safety concerns, Joker finally opened and earned the #1 spot at the box office without any major acts of violence. A fact that Warner Brothers is none too happy about.

“We tried hard to stir the pot with Joker. We wanted to see mass hysteria, maybe even a few riots,” said an anonymous source in the marketing department. Their attempts extended to in-theater viral marketing. Masks and blunt weapons were left under seats at select theaters to no avail.

Director and co-writer Todd Phillips expressed his disappointment via an early morning phone interview, “I don’t know what happened. Ideally people’s minds would have broken in the theater, which should have led to them cracking each other’s skulls open. An irreparable violent break with reality like those I achieved at Due Date screenings.”

Warner Brothers CEO Ann Sarnoff released a statement which in part said, “While disappointing, this lack of anarchy hasn’t diminished our spirits. We’re now looking forward to our November release Motherless Brooklyn being the instigator of a world of fire and blood.”

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