Jared Leto on Playing Morbius: “I’ve Been Preying on Young Girls My Whole Life so It Just Felt Natural”

Jared Leto was recently spotted at a public blood bank in downtown Transylvania where a fan asked him how it’s been preparing for his upcoming role as Morbius for Sony. According to this fan, Leto allegedly said, “oh it’s been an absolute blast! You know, I’ve been preying on young girls my entire life so this all really just felt natural to me.” He stuck around to sign a few autographs and sing an a cappella rendition of the Thirty Seconds to Mars song “The Kill”, but refused to further comment on what exactly this means. 

It seems Leto’s “vampirism” is an open Hollywood secret. Here’s Guardians of the Galaxy Director James Gunn commenting on the musician-turned-actor’s lasting legacy.

Morbius sucks his way into theaters July 31, 2020. 

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