Exclusive First Look at Black Knight From Marvel’s The Eternals!

Kit Harrington on the set of The Eternals as Black Knight.

Marvel has released their first look of Kit Harrington as Black Knight from their upcoming film, The Eternals. We’ve been super excited and have spent eight hours poring over it to see what clues we can find!

First off, the sword. Is this the Ebony Blade? Maybe! Is it his first sword before he gets the Ebony Sword? Also maybe! Second, the background. That looks like snow to us. Does this mean that The Eternals will take place on Earth? Or an Earth-like planet that also has snow? Third, he’s missing his trademark yellow cape. We hope Marvel isn’t ditching their classic Black Knight design for something more “realistic”.

And lastly, who is he fighting? Kang The Conqueror? Or is it a gladiatorial match for The Grandmaster’s entertainment? It’s anybody’s guess. There’s even rumors the Black Knight has a dragon! All we know for sure is that our interest is now piqued and we can’t wait to see The Eternals when it opens late next year!

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