Disney/Sony Deal Cancelled Once Again After Disney Catches Sony Making Out With Paramount

We’ve been hearing some rumblings that the recently saved deal between Disney/Marvel and Sony over Spider-Man’s future films is in jeopardy once again after Disney found out that Sony was seen making out with Paramount behind a Wendy’s.

The news hasn’t been confirmed but my best friend’s sister’s boyfriend told this intrepid reporter that Universal was at the Wendy’s drive-thru getting a frosty and saw Sony and Paramount totally sucking face by the dumpster. They said, they weren’t sure, but they might have seen some under-the-shirt action too.

Disney discovered this horrible news thanks to a blurry pic that Universal posted on their Instagram story of the two studios with their tongues down each other’s throats. “It’s hard to make them out but I definitely recognized the Happy Hogan t-shirt I gave Sony for our three year anniversary,” Disney said while texting their friends Lionsgate and MGM to see what they had heard.

Warner Brothers jumped in and tweeted out a screenshot of the picture and added the caption, “You hate to see it.” Repeated attempts for comment from Disney have gone unanswered but multiple people have told me they’ve been seen sitting at the bar at Chili’s eating southwestern egg rolls and badmouthing the Men in Black franchise.

Do you think Disney and Sony can make up? Should Paramount have kept their hands to themselves?

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