Disney Prepares for Awards Season by Buying the Oscars

As we get closer to awards season, studios are ramping up their marketing in hopes of striking big at the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony. It seems that Disney is intent on making their presence known, as they’re set to buy the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Bob Iger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Company, released a statement about the purchase. “The Academy Awards is a prestigious event that’s left an indelible legacy across film for nearly a century, and we intend to continue that legacy. Our intent is to continue honoring the best studios have to offer, while forging a brand new path, to honor what cinema truly is.”

The first of these proposed plans were also announced, detailing the new categories which would be woven into the upcoming ceremony. Firstly, ‘Best Remake or Sequel’, a category “intent on broadening what films are worthy of such recognition.” That it does, Bob, as 11 titles are eligible just from this past month. Also announced is ‘Best Film That’s 100% Live Action, For Real’, a more niche category, as only Jon Favreau’s The Lion King currently made the shortlist.

But the most promising announcement was the ‘Best LGBTQ+ Representation’ category. Intent on “showcasing every suggestive look, interview confirmation, and unnamed characters holding hands, this award is a celebration of each tip-toe forward towards representation.” Although, residents of China will be none the wiser, as this category will be cut from their broadcast, resulting in the runtime being shortened by a full 30 seconds.

Do the proposed changes make you excited for the forthcoming Oscars? Are you excited to see Alan Tudyk get nominated every year? What will Disney buy next? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

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