Disney Lets Another White Guy Develop a Star Wars Property

Following the time-honored tradition of the Star Wars franchise, Disney has asked another notable white man, Kevin Feige, to develop a Star Wars property.

Since the beginning of Star Wars, white men have been honored with the chance to create these stories of Dark vs. Light, sometimes letting women and people of color produce or grab an episode or two in their TV series. This age-old legacy continues with Kevin Feige, who has proved himself as worthy as George Lucas, J.J. Abrams, Rian Johnson, Jon Favreau, Gareth Edwards, and almost Colin Trevorrow.

Kathleen Kennedy, lady-president of Lucasfilm, could not be reached for comment at this time, but a representative from Disney told us, “We just think white guys are really neat. They understand the complexities of the Star Wars universe, full of billions of different looking people and alien creatures, the best. We are excited to bring more of the same to a galaxy far far away.”

Which white guy should pitch a Star Wars story next? Let us know in the comments below!

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