Disney+ Launch Exceeded Expectations, So Why Does Bob Iger Still Feel Empty Inside?

Disney+ launched about a month ago, on November 12, and people everywhere are loving having extensive access to old and new programming. Downloads are in the tens of millions and frankly, Disney couldn’t have asked for a more successful launch. So why does Bob Iger still feel sad?

“This should have been it,” Iger reportedly said in a recent interview, “Disney is already dominating the box offices and is undeniably the biggest brand in entertainment. I guess I thought if I could dominate online streaming, then I’d feel complete, but I don’t. I just feel… empty.”

According to our sources, even if hundreds of millions more joined the platform, that still wouldn’t be enough to make Bob Iger happy. He could have all the money in the world and it still wouldn’t be enough to fill that God-shaped hole that exists in all of our hearts. 

When asked what his thoughts were on Baby Yoda, Bob Iger said, “I don’t know man, does any of this actually matter?”

Personally, I hope Bob Iger finds what he’s looking for.

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