David Harbour In Negotiations To Be My Friend

David Harbour, who you may know from Hellboy or Netflix’s Stranger Things seems like a pretty chill guy. Like… I could really see myself getting along with him. Sharing a laugh, having a brew, guy stuff. I don’t know. I just really feel like if we meet, we might hit it off and become great friends.

He doesn’t seem unapproachable like other Hollywood stars. I don’t feel like Brad Pitt and I would have much to talk about. Plus, Brad is much too handsome to be seen with me. But David Harbour? I feel like we could just turn on a football game and chill, you know? We seem like compatible friends to me

I’ve reached out to David Harbour via Twitter and asked him “How many RTs for you to be my friend? I don’t have many friends…” Seeing as how I still haven’t heard from him, the tweet has only been retweeted once, and this was sent last September… its not looking great for me.

If anyone reading this would like to be my friend, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m very lonely.

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