Channing Tatum Gambit Movie Finally Happening [UPDATED]

Note: The following story was originally published based on our initial reporting. Updates will follow as noted.

After years of rumors and studio changes, the X-Men spin off Gambit may just finally be in production. Channing Tatum, who has been attached on and off to the production since 2014, has confirmed that the Cajun mutant will finally be coming back to the big screen.

“I’ve been talking a lot with Marvel now that the merger stuff is finally settled,” explains the Jupiter Ascending star, referring to the recent Disney/Fox merger. “I’d really lost all hope of ever getting the chance to don the leather jacket and mangle that Cajun accent myself. We’ve finally got something cooking in the gumbo pot.”

Gambit has gone through massive production delays over the last several years. Directors Rupert Wyatt, Doug Liman and Gore Verbinski have all been attached before leaving the project. In May of 2019 amid the final closure of the Fox/Disney merger, it was announced that the film had been cancelled. The story went cold until Channing Tatum spoke with us exclusively at True Superhero Fans.

“Things were looking pretty dark there for a bit,” admitted the GI Joe Rise of Cobra lead. “Luckily, Disney has decided to make Gambit a reality. We’re even going to integrate him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the gateway to introducing mutants into that cinematic space. Things are finally looking up.”

Gambit’s release is currently TBD.

UPDATE: Despite Channing Tatum’s exclusive words to us at True Superhero Fans, executives at Marvel have flatly denied any Gambit film being in development with the Dear John star.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: MCU architect Kevin Feige’s publicist has emailed us a statement confirming the total denial of a Channing Tatum starring Gambit film. The statement is as follows: “We would love the possibility of a theoretical Marvel film potentially starring Channing, maybe However, no such project is in development or anywhere near production.”

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE OF THE UPDATE: Disney Chairman Alan Horn released a statement stating “That kid needs to Step Up off my front lawn begging for his stupid Gamby picture.”

UPDATING THE UPDATE TO THE UPDATE OF THE UPDATE: Steven Soderbergh is currently letting Channing sleep on his couch. “Taytay is in a rough state,” said Soderbergh. “He keeps pitching me Magic Mike XXX: State of the Union and I just keep nodding my head.” Tatum is now an assistant editor on Soderbergh’s next two Netflix productions which will be released within the next month.

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