Bryan Singer to Direct Jeffrey Epstein Biopic: “I’m Excited to Tackle the Epic Tale of My Greatest Hero”

Shortly after HBO announced a miniseries from Adam McKay on the same topic, Clinton Films has announced they have brought in controversial filmmaker Bryan Singer to tell the story of one Jeffrey Epstein, the infamous American Financier who made headlines multiple times throughout his life for sexual assault and human trafficking, and who recently made news for escaping those charges by “committing suicide”.

While we can expect McKay to get deep into the political and social implications of Epstein’s legacy, it sounds like Singer has a different plan for his movie: “…When Clinton Films approached me with the project I couldn’t have been more erec…sorry, I mean excited, Jeff has always been one of my personal heroes.”

He then went on to talk about his film’s focus, and well, see for yourself: “Yeah, so Jeff was always known for throwing these GREAT parties, have you ever heard of the Lolita Express? Yeah, he threw these incredible island parties which served as the inspiration for my own Hollywood gatherings. He trafficked young girls so I saw no good reason I couldn’t traffic young boys, and look at me! My last film was an Oscar winner!”

Despite a rapidly changing social climate it seems like this picture is a total go as it’s received independent financing of upwards of $1.5 billion dollars from such “philanthropists” as Bill Gates, Alan Dershowitz, The Clinton Foundation, the Nation of Israel, and The Kennedy Family. The film has already lined up two major names to star in the film as both Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker have signed massive deals to play themselves in the film.

Considering McKay’s project will probably be black-bagged by the CIA, I think it’s safe to say Singer considers this another easy Oscar play. After Green Book‘s big win last year his odds seem good, and the Academy loves a good “bad white man” redemption story. Anyways, Singer’s Epstein flick molests it’s way into theaters November 2020

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