Bradley Cooper Will Play Rocket Raccoon as Jackson Maine in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3

Following his directorial debut A Star Is Born, Bradley Cooper will return to the Rocket Raccoon role with a different spin. For Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, the role of Rocket will be reinvented as an alcoholic musician in the vein of Cooper’s role as Jackson Maine in A Star is Born.

“I originally went to James [Gunn, director of GoTG Vol 3] while recording lines for Rocket Raccoon for the second one and said this take would work for the character,” explains Bradley Cooper, “but the film was too far into production at that time. So I made A Star Is Born to satiate my creative impulses.” After proving this turn could result in acclaim and massive box office, Cooper’s choices will now be implemented into the third Guardians film.

“I’ll admit that it all seemed like a weird idea when Bradley pitched it to me,” admits Gunn. “Rocket was always a loner and has had problems controlling himself. Yet, the key issue was cracking how he learned to sing. Not a lot of singing classes for space faring mutant racoon smugglers. Then, Bradley pitched me the best possible conceit. I had to say yes and fit it into the script.”

According to Gunn, Rocket’s subplot in Vol 3 will heavily revolve around flashbacks concerning how his brother Rad Raccoon taught him how to sing. Cooper’s A Star Is Born co-star Sam Elliott will voice and provide motion capture for the Rad character. “Such a genius conceit,” Gunn said, holding back tears. “So much raw emotional potential in seeing the origin of Rocket’s grief expressed through music. Plus, I’m a big Roadhouse fan. Actually, that’s the main reason. I just like Roadhouse a lot and want to work with Sam.”

“It’s a whole new experience for me,” said Elliott. “They’ve got tennis balls all over me tracking my movements.” Sam was stroking his moustache, which had ten thousand tiney tracking dots on it for each individual hairs.

Bradley Cooper will also sing every song on the soundtrack Awesome Mix Vol. 3 in the trademark Jackson Maine gravelly voice. Track listings haven’t been determined, but Cooper spilled a few details. “I asked Vin [Diesel, voice of Groot] about potentially doing a cover of ‘Islands in the Stream.’ Now he wants to do an entire cover album as Groot in 12 different languages. He… commits pretty hard.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 is slated for a 2021 release.

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