Adam West Still Silent About Batman Casting

When someone takes on the Batman mantle, we love hearing a previous Caped Crusader cheer them on. Recently, Christian Bale – who the Internet fully agrees was the unquestionable best Batman – praised Robert Pattinson as a “Good Choice!” for the role. This is the type of nuanced answer that comes from asking a question someone OBVIOUSLY wants to hear while promoting Ford vs Ferrari. That’s why Bale is so beloved; he’s always had nice things to say to people in the industry. Just ask any lighting rig guy he’s worked with.

However, not everyone who wore the cowl has been so awesome. Given all these words, you’d figure a certain Batman would be providing his own words of encouragement. Yet, Adam West – the first notable man to dawn the gear of The Dark Knight – hasn’t given us any thoughts on Robert Pattinson’s casting.

Decades ago, Adam West played the titular role in the Batman series. Yet, he fails to act like the elder statesman he should be. Sure Mr. West, you had time to praise Bale as “really talented” way back before Batman Begins came out. Yet, no time to pat the R-Pats? Fly some love over to R-Batz? Even say a “Good luck, son” to Battinson? For shame, sir.

We even asked around to everyone who knows him. The Robin to West’s Batman, Burt Ward, just looked at us funny. Seth MacFarlane – who has recorded with West for years on Family Guy – just kept crying and didn’t say anything. West’s wife Marcelle Tagand Lear punched me square in the jaw. What company do you keep, Mr. West?

We will update this article whenever Adam West responds. We’ll also update whenever Cesar Romero finally gets back to us about his thoughts on why Joaquin Phoenix didn’t grow and paint over his mustache for Joker.

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